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Fundur fyrir alla félagsmenn: Mathematics: professional development for teachers and enrichment students

Fimmtudaginn, 31. ágúst 2017 - 16:45
Stofa V-158 í VR-II við Hjarðarhaga

Næstkomandi fimmtudag, 31. ágúst kl. 16:45-18:00 munu þeir Uwe Leck og Ian Roberts halda erindið "Mathematics: professional development for teachers and enrichment students".

Að venju er boðið upp á kaffi og vínarbrauð í upphafi fundar og erindið byrjar kl. 17:00. Allir velkomnir!

”I’d like to do some math with students but I don’t know how to do it.”

This is a comment expressed by many academics. It also reflects a major issue: we need to be involved to motivate and stimulate both students and teachers, for the continuing development of our discipline. This may be within mathematics, but it might also be about making math accessible for students of other disciplines.

We have extensive and quite different experiences in dealing with students and teachers, so this talk has two parts. It deals with quite different ways of being involved.

In the first part, various local and national activities in Australia are outlined. Some of these activities are based in the Northern Territory of Australia. There is a fun but genuine argument, that there are many similarities to Iceland, especially in terms of reach-
ing relatively small and isolated communities of students and teachers. So there will be an emphasis on ideas that may be relevant to the Iceland situation. The audience will be
asked to participate in a demonstration of a math activity to help understand ’how to do it’.

In the second part of the talk an overview of activities for promoting mathematically gifted kids and of the Math competition landscape in Germany. In particular, we will discuss the structure of the national Olympiads for grades 3 to 12 and present some sample